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As you can see, at Kalypso Concept Spa, we have your health at heart, but also undertake several commitments and implications at the ecological level. First of all, we are proud to be recognized as a GREEN salon, certified by Green Circle. This means that all wastes generated at the salon are recycled: whether hair, aluminum, residue or dye products, as well as all empty containers. They are collected by Green Circle and taken away for recycling and reuse for other purposes. Hair salons are companies that produce a lot of waste. We do not always realize this, but it is a fact. At Kalypso Concept Spa, we have made a conscientious choice by choosing Green Circle.

Our health/environmental involvement continues with the choice of the purity of our water throughout the establishment. We have installed a high-quality, activated charcoal water filter system that allows the entire system and all consumed water to be the purest and toxin-free. In esthetics, the skins are more beautiful and more hydrated; in hairdressing, the hair is softer. Even our sheets and fabrics will be washed with this filtered water, which will make them silkier. Most importantly, the water you consume at Kalypso Concept Spa will be the purest, without chlorine or other additive harmful to your health.

To continue our eco-responsible movement, all the products at Kalypso Concept Spa are put under scrutiny in order to offer you high-quality, high-performance products, without animal cruelty while containing the least amount of chemicals possible. We ensure that we do our homework at all times and are in a position to offer you nature at its best, for your wellbeing and natural beauty. Obviously, it is biodegradable and non-toxic neither to you, to animals, nor to nature. This is the best eco-friendly beauty choice: Kalypso Concept Spa.



At Kalypso Concept Spa, your beauty accomplices offer you a personalized haircut service. “Your wish is our command!” Due to our exceptional ability to listen, we can create the desired style. Teamwork begins now, between you and us. Whether the option is to keep your classic cut, which suits you so well, or to make an extravagant change, our beauty accomplices will always be on the lookout for new trends and techniques to achieve your “red carpet” look.

Gone are the days when only your hairdresser could create your hairstyle. Welcome to the simplicity of “wash & wear”.

“The shape is in the cut, and not in the styling” (quotation from our master Pierre Ladouceur)


At Kalypso Concept Spa we are proposing an entirely different approach for your coloring styles. We are constantly searching for the best ways to create the most trendy and durable styles and colors. But that does not stop there!

We have two types of coloring to offer you. The first is closest to what we know in its basic use. However, we have taken care not only to choose a high-performance coloring, but also one that contains the lowest amount of chemical products in its composition and most importantly with 0% ammonia. You will be pleasantly surprised when entering our hairdressing area and leaving without any unpleasant odour and even better, no headaches. So what does it smell like? You will be seduced by perfumes of flowers, almond paste, tea and essential oils!

Ladies, now the impossible ... At Kalypso Concept Spa, we are proud to be part of the 9 salons in Quebec who practice a 100% natural coloring technique. Yes, 100%! You may be wondering, what are the ingredients? Plants, only plants! A mixture of dehydrated and dried dye plants, selected with care and applied according to a unique technique to finally allow you a coloring of unparalleled softness. Come visit us for a consultation and let your competent beauty accomplices, alias chemists, make your hair dance to the softness of Mother Nature!


Kalypso Concept Spa now offers you a complete health / beauty service. We have designed for you a range of body care services from head to toe. We are always committed to using the best products that exist, containing only the purest and natural ingredients, which will give you breathtaking results. At each visit with us, you will experience relaxation of incomparable comfort and wellbeing. Let us pamper your face with a facial, your feet with a pedicure and treatment, your hands and nails with an elegant manicure, your back and tense muscles from the daily stress of life, with massage therapy and comforting wraparound exfoliates. For your special parties and events, continue relaxing with our beauty services such as the application of natural or design nails, as well as our sublime high-performance organic make-up line, ZAO essence of nature. This group of services will guarantee your satisfaction as you relax in purity and style, with the beauty accomplices at Kalypso Concept Spa.

Enjoy the true beauty of relaxation.



At Kalypso Concept Spa, we offer you access to two divine facilities for relaxation and wellbeing. To complement your visits, we have a therapeutic soaking and detoxifying bath, as well as a high-quality infrared sauna, in order to offer you the best in sauna technology.

Infrared sauna is used at several levels; its benefits are multiple. Infrared rays accelerate cellular function causing an increase in blood circulation, improve the cardiovascular system and strengthen the immune system. The regular practice of the infrared sauna contributes to the reduction of tension, the relief of rheumatism and arthritis. It also improves oxygenation and contributes to the purification of the skin. The infrared sauna reduces stress and fatigue while improving sleep. Moreover, we should remember that infrared sauna initiates perfuse sweating, thus allowing the elimination of heavy metals (nickel and lead) and alcohol, and will even have a body slimming effect. For a 30 minute session, it is estimated a total loss of between 800 to 1000 calories.

The therapeutic bath will offer you several types of soaking according to your needs: muscle relaxation, stimulation of the blood circulation and detoxification of the body. We will tailor, according to your tastes and needs, the perfect recipe for your relaxation bath. We will use ingredients of natural and organic origin to optimize the results. Together we will continue to take charge of your health beauty needs.


In addition to being a complete Health and Beauty Spa during the day, Kalypso Concept Spa now offer services for your evening events. Be it for your office party, a conference, a cocktail dinner or a family reunion, we take care of everything for you. Turn-key service or customized according to your needs. Catering, bar service, DJ, singer, projector, etc. Let us take charge of your evenings in our delightful, warm and modern reception hall.

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